My favorite things to do in Amsterdam in winter

Many people might be discouraged to come to Amsterdam in winter due to the harsh weather conditions like rain and wind. Weather indeed is an important aspect, but when we talk about Amsterdam it becomes a secondary issue. Amsterdam has so much to offer regardless the weather. Visiting Amsterdam in fall and winter has so many benefits: less tourists, smaller queues to museums budget friendly accommodation options. All in all, sunny days in Amsterdam are not that uncommon in winter. Here is my favorite list of things to do in Amsterdam in winter.

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Amsterdam Agenda for February 2020

February is one of the least crowdy months to visit Amsterdam. This is usually the perfect period when I can concentrate of the other back-office side of my freelance job as a tour guide. This time of the year I can become a tourist in my own city and enjoy its calm pace. Traveling off-season has its substantial benefits. If you think Amsterdam has nothing interesting happening in February, do not get mislead by this idea. There are so many cool things to do in Amsterdam this month. I have done my research and compiled a list of events in Amsterdam in February.

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Essential guide when traveling to Amsterdam

Amsterdam Central Station

When traveling for the first time to the new place, you probably feel excited, but also nervous how your trip would be like. To make your trip as smooth as possible, it would be nice to know some information beforehand. Amsterdam is a great city to visit with a lot to offer. It offers a great choice of activities and great infrastructure. However, it is an expensive city and careful planning would be essential before travel. This is my essential travel guide for making the most out of your stay in Amsterdam and probably save you some time and budget.

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